Welcome to the Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing building. We hope that this new environment will help foster further collaboration and innovation across the college. You can find a list of important information about the new building below. If you have any questions, please contact scc-building@mit.edu.

Building 45 will not be open to the general public until 2024. Special card access is required for the building or any of the private suites. Please inquire with your department head or academic administrator to request special card access. Department heads and academic administrators should then contact Ruth Park at ruthpark@mit.edu to be granted card access.

Keys for private offices can be picked up in the Dean’s Suite on the third floor from November 7 until November 9. After November 9, please coordinate with MIT Facilities to receive keys for private offices.

View instructions on how to change your MIT address.

Learn more about MIT’s newest signature event space or contact us at scc-events@mit.edu.

Building 45 facilities requests are not being reviewed on the Atlas portal, as the building is still undergoing construction and has not been fully turned over to MIT yet. In the interim, submit your request through our website, which will be reviewed internally weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For immediate assistance, contact scc-building@mit.edu.

The distributed mail center is located on the first floor, room 45-111 and requires card access. US mail can be picked up here. Packages, perishables, and overnight deliveries should be sent to and retrieved from 32 Vassar Street. View more information and mailing addresses for specific suites.

At this time, Building 45 is undergoing final touches and is still considered a construction zone. We encourage folks to use spaces and conference rooms throughout the MIT campus. Internal team meetings can be hosted in the building on a first-come, first-served basis in the interim.

  • Centralized waste management system: The college will be adopting a centralized waste management system, as part of MIT’s goal of reducing waste stream contamination. The following floor plan shows the locations for the waste collection bins. Please note that all individuals are welcome to bring in their own waste bins, however, it is each person’s responsibility to dispose of their waste into the centralized bins on a daily basis.
  • Motion-sensored lights: All offices and conference rooms in Building 45 have motion-sensored lights. When the sensors detect no occupancy after a period of 15 minutes, the lights will automatically shut off.
  • Controlled outlets: A number of the electrical outlets in Building 45 are controlled outlets. These outlets stay on during the hours of 6:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Outside of these hours, when sensors detect a space unoccupied for a period, the controlled outlets in the spaces will go off. See an example of what to look for when plugging into any outlets in Building 45.
  • Solar shades: South-facing windows have shades that automatically go down when needed for solar load.
  • Thermostats: All thermostats currently have a sliding dead band between 70 (heating to) and 75 (cooling to) degrees. This means there is no additional heating or cooling if the temperature falls between these temperatures and the thermostat is set for zero offset. Learn how to use the sliding dead band thermostats.
  • Green roof: Building 45 is equipped with a green roof.

The college will be partnering with Sweetgreen to host a Sweetgreen outpost location in the first floor lobby. This program will be launching in January 2024.

Benefits for employees:

  • $0 delivery fee and no tipping (only fee they will see is a 7% service fee, which is <$1 on $12 salad) *ordering via a 1:1 delivery service typically adds $7-$10 on top of order with delivery fees, service fees, and tip.
  • Freedom to order 24 hours in advance up to cutoff time morning of delivery, making it easy to plan ahead on busy days.
  • Convenience of being able to pick up their meal on their own time from drop off point within your office, eliminating the need to meet the courier to receive the delivery or pickup in-store during the busy lunch rush.
  • Access to full Sweetgreen menu, customization options, and same menu prices as in their restaurants.