The mission of the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing is to address the opportunities and challenges of the computing age — from hardware to software to algorithms to artificial intelligence — by transforming the capabilities of academia in three key areas:

  • Computing fields: Support the rapid growth and evolution of computer science and computational areas of allied fields such as electrical engineering, as reflected notably in the rise of artificial intelligence;
  • Computing across disciplines: Facilitate productive research and teaching collaborations between computing and other fields, rather than place one field in service of another;
  • Social and ethical aspects of computing: Lead the development of and changes in academic research and education, and effectively inform practice and policy in industry and government.

In order to deliver on its mission, the college is designed to take MIT’s computing programs to the next level by facilitating the rapid evolution of computing education and research programs, improving collaboration between computing and other disciplines, and advancing the study and practice of social and ethical responsibilities of computing.

The college’s unique structure is at once, both cross-cutting across all of MIT, and a focused home for computer science and artificial intelligence education and research — strengthening the computing fields and more effectively and creatively connecting AI and computing to every discipline.

The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing is both bringing together existing MIT programs in computing and developing much-needed new cross-cutting educational and research programs.

Dan Huttenlocher, Dean of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

With its initial organizational structure effective January 1, 2020 and scheduled to complete construction of a new building on the MIT campus in 2023, the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will:

  • Reorient MIT to not only deliver the latest advances in computer science and AI but also discover the power of computing in every field of study on campus, while ensuring that the future of computing is shaped by insights from other disciplines.
  • Create 50 new faculty positions located both within the college and shared with other academic departments across MIT.
  • Provide a structure for collaborative education, research, and innovation in computing across all of MIT’s schools.
  • Educate students in every discipline to be “bilingual,” so they can responsibly use and develop computing technologies to help make a better world.
  • Transform education and research in societal, public policy, and ethical considerations relevant to computing.

Impact Report

The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing’s series of annual reports offers a high-level view of our progress and impact on computing education and research at MIT and beyond since launching in 2019. Our impact report for 2021-2022 is now available.