The Common Ground Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes exceptional contributions in teaching classes with substantial computing content that are both broadly-applicable and cross-fertilized across disciplines. Established in 2023 by the Schwarzman College of Computing, this award is given to an individual or group of faculty or lecturers who have positively impacted students by offering a subject in the Common Ground for Computing Education.

If you have any questions about the Common Ground Award for Excellence in Teaching, please contact the Common Ground Standing Committee at

Past Winners

  • Connor Coley, Chemical Engineering
  • Ernest Fraenkel, Biological Engineering
  • Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli, Materials Science and Engineering

Common Ground subject: 3.C01[J]/10.C01[J]/20.C01[J], 3.C51[J]/10.C51[J]/20.C51[J] Machine Learning for Molecular Engineering