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MIT reshapes itself to shape the future

A new era of computing and AI education, research, and innovation

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Advances in computing will be a defining force in the next phase of human history, perhaps most visibly with the development of AI systems that augment or replace human decision-making and reasoning. These technologies will deliver opportunities we cannot yet imagine. But they also heighten public interest in longstanding questions about big issues: privacy, public safety, the nature of work, the security of nations. How does society develop a better and broader understanding of such questions, and arrive at solutions that serve the common good?

Set to begin operations in September 2019, the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing is a bold initiative to accelerate pioneering research and innovation in computing, build a profound awareness of the ethical implications and societal impact, and, above all, educate leaders for the algorithmic future.


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Message from MIT President

MIT is going to be the anchor of what we will know in this society as public interest technology. What MIT is doing will set the pace for every other university that wants to be relevant in the future.”

– Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation

MIT panel discussion on ethics and artificial intelligence Leaders from government, philanthropy, academia, and industry came together in a recent MIT panel discussion on ethics and artificial intelligence.