Approximately 40% of undergraduates and 17% of graduate students at MIT are enrolled in computing programs within the Schwarzman College of Computing. More still augment or compliment their studies with subjects in computing and data science and classes that blend computational thinking with their chosen discipline. The College includes a breadth of academic offerings — from a traditional degree in Computer Science to a blended major in Computation and Cognition to a minor in Statistics and Data Science.

All undergraduates apply through MIT Admissions. For graduate study, individuals apply to the department or program under which they want to register. Application instructions can be found on each program's website as well as on the MIT Graduate Admissions website.

Academic Units

Center for Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE)

CCSE brings together faculty, students, and other researchers across MIT involved in CSE research and education. The center focuses on advancing computational approaches to science and engineering problems and offers SM and PhD programs.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

EECS prepares students for leadership roles in academia, industry, government, and research. Our world-class faculty have built their careers pioneering contributions to a field that transformed the world and invented the future in a single lifetime.

Institute for Data, Systems and Society (IDSS)

IDSS advances education and research in analytical methods in statistics and data science, and applies these tools along with domain expertise and social science methods to address complex societal challenges in a diverse set of areas.

Operations Research Center (ORC)

Interdepartmental graduate programs in operations research and analytics. ORC’s community of scholars and researchers work collaboratively to connect data to decisions in order to solve problems effectively – and impact the world positively.