Increasing connections and facilitating collaborations in computing across departments and disciplines in education and research at MIT.
The Schwarzman College of Computing stands in a unique position, both supporting and drawing strength from MIT’s five schools: the School of Engineering; the School of Science; the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; the MIT Sloan School of Management; and the School of Architecture and Planning. In concert with departments and schools, the college is facilitating novel educational pilots and emergent areas of computing education, research, and practice.

Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing

Facilitating the development of responsible “habits of mind and action” for those who create and deploy computing technologies and fostering the creation of technologies in the public interest.

Common Ground for Computing Education

An interdepartmental teaching collaborative that is bringing multiple departments together to develop and teach new courses and launch new programs that blend computing with other disciplines.

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A new resource for teaching responsible technology development

The Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing publishes a collection of original pedagogical materials developed for instructional use on MIT OpenCourseWare.