The MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and the MIT Washington Office are leading an effort to produce policy briefs with recommendations on the governance of AI. The goal of these briefs is to help shape a technically informed discussion of how to govern AI in a way that will make it safe while enabling AI to thrive.

We have produced a brief describing an overall governance framework for the U.S. and then more topical briefs that elaborate on specifics aspects of AI governance and impacts.

Policy Brief

A Framework for U.S. AI Governance: Creating a Safe and Thriving AI Sector

Dan Huttenlocher, Asu Ozdaglar, David Goldston
In consultation with the ad hoc committee on AI regulation

Topical Policy Briefs

Large Language Models

Yoon Kim, Jacob Andreas, Dylan Hadfield-Menell

Can We Have Pro-Worker AI? Choosing a Path of Machines in Service of Minds

Daron Acemoglu, David Autor, Simon Johnson

Labeling AI-Generated Content: Promises, Perils, and Future Directions

Chloe Wittenberg, Ziv Epstein, Adam J. Berinsky, David G. Rand

How Policy Can Help Ensure the Proper Use of AI in K-12 Education

Daniella DiPaola, Andrés F. Salazar-Gómez, Hal Abelson, Eric Klopfer, David Goldston, Cynthia Breazeal