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Marion BoulicaultFemTech: Students will work on individual or team-based projects exploring the social and ethical dimensions of “FemTech.” This might include looking at fertility and period tracking apps, wearable technologies, etc. Projects could be purely conceptual/analytical or they could involve empirical research.Wednesdays,
Elizabeth Bondi-Kelly
Crystal Lee
What is the best way to build an AI system, especially when it is going to be used by people? This group will focus on understanding and discussing existing research on best practices, while also exploring and designing new systems in collaboration with stakeholders to further refine these best practices. Potential research topics include educational and environmental systems, but will be open based on student interest.Tuesdays,
Zach SchutzmanIn the past few years, experts have used computational techniques to draw and analyze electoral districts at all levels of the redistricting process. However, despite their prominence in the field, not much is known about how these algorithms work and what consequences their use might have for the ability of various groups, particularly historically disenfranchised ones, to achieve representation. This project will explore some facet of this broad issue, guided by the interest of the members of the group.Mondays,
Kevin MillsDigital technologies are increasingly designed to influence the behavior of those who use them. This project explores some of the ethical issues this raises, looking especially at whether and when such influences are manipulative. Exact topic TBD (candidates include advertising, nudging, and “dark patterns”). Project will involve weekly or biweekly reading group meetings and some manner of written deliverable.Mondays,
1-2:30 PM
Carlos SandovalWe will be partnering with Green City Force (GCF), an AmeriCorps program that works at the intersection of environmental, economic, and racial justice through training young adults from New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) communities in environmental service, with opportunities to travel to NYC.  Furthermore, we will explore the ways we can leverage computing to co-design many network-based urban interventions and measure the ecological and physical impact of these proposals in the overall urban resilience.Mondays,
4-6 PM