Guidelines for Responsible Generative AI in Research: Scaling Data, Knowledge, and Impact

Date: January 23, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Building 45
Generative AI presents practical and societal challenges that are swiftly growing as the technology scales and is increasingly used. Generative models — some mimicking human capabilities — can be used alongside people to enhance project outcomes in domains from scientific discovery and education to industrial cases (i.e., material discovery, responsible AI, synthetic data, misinformation, and more). Focusing on the governance and regulatory angles, this workshop will convene scientists, technologists, administrators, industry professionals, and counsel to discuss mechanisms to oversee and guide the development of AI models developed in academia and academic-industry collaboration. In particular, three brainstorming sessions will explore mechanisms for developing responsible AI systems: data, the dataset used to define the models’ learning or the synthetic data generated; foundation models, their capabilities and colossal repository of information; and the impact of scaling models, from the growing number of parameters to democratizing miniaturized models and their increasing geographical and social impact. Registration will open in early January.