We are happy to announce a fellowship opportunity within the Schwarzman College of Computing in collaboration with Google. The Google Fellows Program aims to support students from underserved communities with a nine-month fellowship for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 terms. Students who are part of the program will also have the opportunity to participate in networking opportunities and programming supported by Google over the course of the year. We expect to award up to five fellowships to current doctoral students as part of this call for nominations.

The program is open to doctoral programs in the College: CSE, EECS, IDPS, ORC, and SES. Each program is eligible to nominate two students who meet the criteria outlined below.


Graduate students who have started their PhD with an expected completion date of no sooner than May 2025 and are:

(1) Applicants who have the potential to contribute to higher education through understanding the barriers facing women, minorities, students with disabilities, and other members of groups underrepresented in higher education careers, as evidenced by life experiences and educational background. For example:

  • attendance at a minority serving institution or other diverse academic institution;
  • ability to articulate the barriers facing women and minorities in science and engineering fields;
  • participation in higher education pipeline programs known to prepare students for the relevant MIT program.


(2) Applicants who have demonstrated significant academic achievement by overcoming barriers such as economic, social, or educational disadvantage, including factors such as generational wealth, Pell Grant-eligibility, qualification for free/reduced lunch, first-generation to college, or parent(s) level of education.


Departments must submit the materials below by April 22, 2024:

  • CV (with links to website and publications if available)
  • A research statement of no more than one page
  • A short personal statement from the nominee should discuss eligibility for the fellowship 
  • One letter of recommendation